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Jogging systems BASA evolution und BASA

The Baumann BASA – fully automatic jogging system – is worldwide the first system that allows the fully automatic jogging and alignment of many different materials, and thus forms the missing link in the fully automatic cutting process.

baumannperfecta Stapelheber BSH
High pressing power
Air Knife-Technology
Very simple operation
Separating unit

available with or without counting unit


up to the bottom sheet possible, even with overhanging pallets (only in combanation with counting unit)

Bilateral pallet feeding
Small footprint
Swivelling jogging table
Direct rear-table feeding

BASA evolution

The automated solution for finishing

Rely on innovative technology instead of muscle strength! The BASA evolution is the perfect automated solution for your finishing process – whether for the label production, packaging printing or for commercial printing. In the standard version, as low-cost starter version for the automatic jogging, the BASA evolution can be equipped with further options for a complete automated line. Depending on the features, the machine transfers jogged, aligned and pressed layers directly to the rear table of the high-speed cutter, to a buffer space or alternatively towards two cutters.


The BASA has been developed in Germany and is manufactured at our location in Solms, Hessen. The use of the latest and high-quality components and technology, as for example the Air Knife Technology for significantly reduced air consumption, guarantees a high availability of the system and, at the same time, a careful handling of the resources. The most modern drive technology in combination with intelligent controls ensure easy operation and low energy consumption. Moreover, the BASA evolution convinces due to the low footprint.


Proven jogging technology from baumannperfecta and a significantly higher pressing power ensure perfectly aligned layers and thus always perfect cutting results.


The completed new developed user interface ensures a very easy and intuitive operation. The use of state-of-the-art control technology guarantees a high level of security, also for the future.


Due to the persisting vibrations, the jogging process is a challenge for all components. That is why we equip the BASA with high-quality parts – with high-performance
bearings, optimized components and improved servo technology – high availability is granted.


Besides the effect that you can use your staff more efficiently thanks to the automatic jogging, the BASA evolution has been optimized to grant a careful use of resources. Most modern drive technology and the latest air-knife technology ensure lowest consumption values.

    Flexible use

    Thanks to the swivelling jogging table, the new BASA evolution is universally applicable – whether for direct feeding of the rear-table of the cutter, a buffer space or of two cutters simultaneously.
    baumannperfecta BASA evolution, hohe Flexibilität

    The BASA evolution system at a glance

    • Hoist loadable with piles from two sides
    • Improved remote maintenance and service options in the event of errors
    • Unloading pusher configurable with variable length, depending on system requirements
    • Hoist with 4-point suspension
    • Optimized transfer unit in the roller gripper
    • Optimized partial layer aeration thanks to efficient air knife technology
    • Infinitely variable, motorized inclination of the jogging table
    • Increased inclination possibility up to 23°
    •  Smooth transition of the aerated partial layers from roller gripper to jogging table, without dropping height
    •  Jogging to the right and left-hand side
    •  Side feeder
    • Front feed with aeration
    • Roller for pre-scalation
    • Air-expulsion roller for low grammages
    • Jogging table with layer stabilizer LEFT and/or RIGHT
    • Ionisation
    • Counting unit
    • Separating unit with or without counting unit applicable
    •  Counting unit retrofittable
    •  Destacking up to the bottom sheet, even with overhanging pallets (only in combination with counting unit)
    What is new
    • Fundamentally revised design
    • Very small footprint
    • Significantly higher pressing power
    •  New drive technology with servo technology
    •  New Beckhoff drive with new HMI
    •  Breaking-up rollers with optimized aeration unit (Technology with very low air consumption)
    Technical Data
    Format max. [mm] 770 x 1070
    Format min. [mm] 400 x 600
    Palett size max. [mm] 800 x 1200
    Palett size min. [mm] 400 x 600
    Palett size min. [mm] 50
    pile height incl. palett max. [mm] 1400

    Customized solutions
    for your requirements.


    For larger formats or very difficult materials we offer the BASA as standard version. It is ideal for high production volumes, when processing large format printed sheets or in case of ergonomic needs. Along with relieving the operators of physical strain and the high effectiveness, the BASA ensures long-term cost savings.

    What is BASA able to do?

    • All papers from 60g/m² (lower grammages are also possible – however, this must be determined in tests)
    • A wide variety of label papers
    • Cardboard packaging up to 600g/m²
    • Foils (provided the sheets are not sticky or statically charged)
    • Plasticized materials
    • Perforated and embossed paper and cardboard
    baumannperfecta BASA, vollautomatisches Schüttelsystem

    The BASA system at a glance

    BASA operating modes

    The BASA has two different operating modes:

    1. In automatic mode, the BASA processes the delivered stack without operator intervention and delivers jogged, aligned layers of the desired height to the subsequent processing step.
    2. The BASA has a semi-automated operating mode for critical materials and short runs. The mode of operation corresponds to a conventional jogging machine.

    Possible applications of the BASA
    • The BASA as an inline solution
      The BASA feeds the layers of jogged printed sheets directly to the cutting machine. This is usually done via the rear table using the various nipper systems.
    • The BASA as an inline solution. The layers of jogged printed sheets are taken from the BASA by a gripper unloader and stacked. An air board, a transport board, the cutting board and/or a chip for later destacking can then be inserted during destacking.
    • Carton inserter
    • Counting device
    • Attachment right
    • Logistics for stack feeding
    • Discharge of the empty pallet
    Technical Data
    BASA 7
    Format max. [mm] 1250 x 1650
    Format min. [mm] 560 x 660

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