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Pile turners

The manual turning of paper, cardboard, foils, thin sheet metals or similar materials requires a lot of time and effort and thus is very expensive. With the baumannperfecta pile turners you can do this ergonomically and cost-effectively. The machine requirements have become very versatile.

baumannperfecta Stapelwender BSW

A diversity of tasks can be carried out by these multiple machines:

  • Pile turning
  • Precise pile alignment
  • Accelerate the drying process of printed products
  • Aerate and thus separate sheets prior to the printing process
  • Pallet exchange
  • Remove wastepaper
  • Centre a pile on the top of a system pallet
  • Integration into a logistic system, etc.

The automated pile turners are equipped with an operator’s panel with a clear text display, which can be delievered with a touch screen, if desired.

Semi-automatic pile turners BSW

Semi-automatic processes make the operation of the semi-automated pile turners very comfortable:

  • Infinitely adjustable aeration intensity and adjustable aeration time
  • Hydraulic closing of the platform by a control lever
  • Manual turning of the platform with manually extendable alignment stop
    • Comfortable operation
    • Solid and compact construction
    • Fast and reliable
    • High quality
    • Excellent cost-benefit ratio
    Technical Data
    BSW 3 LV (N) BSW 3 LV (H)
    Sheet format [min.]* 500 x 650 500 x 650
    Sheet format [max.] 800 x 1200 800 x 1200
    Pile height [min./max.] 630 / 1450 790 / 2010
    Loading capacity 1200 1200
    baumannperfecta Stapelwender

    Automatic pile turners BSW

    Essential functions

    • Aeration with powerful blowers and broad air-nozzles, which can be closed for smaller formats. The aeration process can be adjusted at the operator’s panel
    • Adjustable vibration with alignment-stop, which is extended automatically
    • Motorized and fully automatic pile turning

    Safety devices:

    • Safety-fence and safety-light barrier at the entrance required
    • Comfortable operation
    • Solid and compact construction
    • Fast and reliable
    • A great variety of possible applications
    • High quality
    • Excellent cost-benefit ratio
    Technical Data
    BSW 3 (N) BSW 3 (H) BSW 7
    Sheetformat [min.] 500 x 650 500 x 650 700 x 1000
    Sheetformat [max.] 800 x 1200 800 x 1200 1250 x 1650
    Pile height [min./max.] 630 / 1200 790 / 2010 800 / 2020
    Loading capacity [kg] 1200 1200 2000

    Pile turners BSW AUP for nonstop feeding

    The BSW-AUP pile turner was specially developed to meet the requirements of automatic non-stop equipment in the infeed of sheet-fed printing and die-cutting machines. It is available in formats 3 and 7 and is mainly used in industrial packaging printing. All processes are automated and program-controlled. The BSW-AUP pile turner can be upgraded to an inline solution and can therefore be integrated into a material logistics system.
    With the BSW-AUP pile turner, baumannperfecta has the machine that represents the optimum solution for industrial use. This lays the foundation for future operational process optimization.

    baumannperfecta Stapelwender AUPASYS
    Essential functions
    • Operator’s panel with clear text display
    • Pile turner can be installed on a level floor (according to the specification); a pit is not required
    • Intensified aeration device with air boxes
    • Vibration device
    • Stop with automatic clamping for system pallets for an easy exchange of the transport pallet against the system pallet
    • Space-saving operation; the pallets (with piles) are taken up and deposited at the same spot
    • Short turning cycles (approx. 90 sec.)
    • Removing single sheets is possible
    • Fully automatic turning process, controlled by the program
    • Vibration and alignment devices infinitely variable
    • Low power consumption thanks to the latest, energy-efficient high-pressure fans
    • Double clamp (option)
    • Fully automatic pallet exchange (option)
    Technical Data
    Format 3 Format 7
    Sheet format max. [mm] 750 x 1060 1210 x 1640
    Sheet format min. [mm] 500 x 650 500 x 920
    Pile height max. [mm]* 2000 2000
    Pile height min. [mm] 600 600
    Loading capacity [kg] 1200 2000

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