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High-speed cutter – Precision and Performance

For the cutting widths 80 | 92 | 115 | 132 | 168 | 225 cm

The baumannperfecta high speed cutters appear in a new and modern design, focused on functionality, ergonomics and safety. Centrepiece of the new design is the large, inclinable display which offers and ideal view and thus full control for any operator. In combination with the new developed CUTPIT control, the machine operation is easier than ever. Another highlight is the also new developed cutting cell that grants a significantly longer knife life thanks to an innovative damper system. Thanks to the modular concept, the high speed cutters can be easily complemented by other peripheral machines and thus may offer complete system solutions through to fully automatic cutting systems.

New CUTPIT control unit

Tiltable 24” display

Ergonomic machine design

New cutting cell for longer blade life

Integrated, lockable tool cabinet


The baumannperfecta high speed cutters are completely developed in Germany and manufactured at our plant based in Bautzen, Saxony. The robust basic construction of the machine frame ensures a smooth run and precise cutting results. The used components and parts, as for example the low-wear spur gearings, are designed for continuous operation so that the machines may run in three shifts, around the clock. Highest safety standards including GS and CE certification ensure safe operation for human and machine.


Precision and performance characterize the baumannperfecta high speed cutters. Thanks to the easy operation and process image display of the actual job, the operator has full control over the actual cutting process. The newly developed cutting cell with the innovative, active damper system automatically regulates the cutting pressure, thus offering a much longer knife life. Like this, costs for both – knife sharpening and spare parts – are considerably reduced.


The high speed cutters are designed for a 3-shift operation. The systems support you in maintenance work such as changing knives, lubricating, cleaning, etc., which are shown in the new control system by animations that guide the operator. An additional sensor system monitors the work steps during maintenance and thus prevents errors and the resulting breakdowns. This extensive service package is supported by the possibility of a remote service via remote maintenance to be able to act much faster. Moreover, each machine is equipped with an integrated, lockable tool cabinet containing necessary tools for knife change and maintenance works. Another innovation is the full coverage of the rear table, which prevents direct access to the back gauge. The cover is not only used for safety, but also ensures the drive spindle and the guide to remain free from dust and dirt.

    Customized solutions
    for your requirements.

    Cutting 4.0|CutTronic

    The comfortable software for efficient job processing.

    CutTronic is our software solution for the automation of work processes within the post-press-area. Prepress CIP3/4 files are taken over by CutTronic and translated into cutting programs. Once generated the cutting program in the control of the machine, the cutting process can run fully automatically. The data can be introduced via a shared network folder or directly via USB-Stick. The control automatically generates a finished cutting program with real image display from the CIP compliant prepress data.

    Cut Tronic von Baumann

    CutTronic Plus

    CutTronic Plus offers an additional benefit. Existing CIP3 / 4 data can be post-processed externally and thus optimally adapted to the workflow. The data can be transmitted to the machine in three ways: via USB, Ethernet or wirelessly via WLAN. CutTronic Plus offers you flexibility in the workflow.

    Cut Tronic Plus von Baumann

    Your advantages with CutTronic Plus

    • The use of pre-press data in CIP 3 / CIP 4 format
    • Creation of cutting programs with all cutting formats and commands
    • No incorrect cutting dimensions through automatic or guided programming
    • Variable use of the cutting program on different systems
    • Checking the jobs by real image display

    Straight 2 Cut

    The processing takes place directly in the high speed cutter. The prepress data is scanned via barcode and converted into cutting programs directly on the cutter.

    Straight 2 Cut consists of the following 4 modules:

    1. CutTronic – pre-press data is automatically converted into a cutting program
    2. Hotfolder – fast and easy connection of the machine to the network
    3. Barcode-reader – direct opening of the order file without searching
    4. Graphic process visualization directly on the display
      Straight 2 Cut from Baumann
      Straight 2 Cut Plus from Baumann

      Straight 2 Cut Plus

      The prepress data or already saved cutting programs are called up via a barcode scanner and converted into cutting programs on the cutting machine. Alternatively, a cutting program generator ensures an interactive and automatic program creation via a workstation parallel to the cutting process.

      Your advantages with a Straight 2 Cut Plus solution:

      • Creation of cutting programs with all cutting dimensions and commands
      • Avoidance of incorrect cutting dimensions and by automatic or guided programming
      • Variable use of the cutting program on different systems
      • Use of pre-press data in CIP 3 / CIP 4 format
      • Real image display / PNG
      • Transformation of the image (rotation/mirroring)
      • PDF-converter (optional)

      Networking | MIS connection

      For an efficient production process, the integration of the cutting workstation into the internal management information system (MIS) is required. The collected job tructure data are decisive for the organisation, control and regulation of the workflow. By using a standard Ethernet interface, the user interface of the cutter can take over the function of a MIS/BDE terminal via a remote connection. The interfaces on the baumannperfecta high speed cutters are open and thus allow the connection to various MIS systems.

      High-speed cutter at a glance

      • Working height 80 | 92: 900 mm, 115 | 132: 870 mm, 168 | 225: 890 mm
      • Stainless steel table surface with air for all cutting width
      • Rear table cover made of acryl glass
      • False clamp with hydraulic pressing
      • Automatic pressure regulation via touchscreen
      • Standard false clamp covering
      • Safety measurement control according to CE-Norm
      • Self-monitoring safety light barrier
      • CE-mark, GS-certificate
      • Pile support
      • Lockable tool cabinet with tools
      • Cutpit control with 24“touchscreen
      • CutTronic and CutTronic Plus for the processing of CIP3 / CIP 4 / PPF files
      • Cutting programs via scanner with Straight 2 Cut and Straight 2 Cut Plus
      • Barcode-Scanner
      • MIS-connection
      • Optical cut indicator with LEDs
      • Holding down device and air in front of the knife
      • Automatic waste disposal ASE
      • Cutting and side tables
      • Swivel/tilting back gauge
      • Air tables with micro nozzles
      • Intelli-Knife (Knife analysis via RFID to evaluate cutting data) 
      Optional equipment for system solutions
      • Loader and unloader (BB / BA)
      • Transport and transfer systems
      • Press-Stations (BPS)
      • Air tables with micro nozzles
      • Buffer systems (BVP / BMR)
      • Automatic joggers (BSB)
      • Fully automatic jogging machines (BASA)
      Technical Data
      80 92 115 132 168 225
      Cutting width [mm] 800 920 1150 1320 1680 2250
      Rear table length [mm] 920 920 1150 1325 1680 2700
      layer height up to [mm] 120 120 165 165 165 165
      Smallest cut [mm] 57 57 77 77 77 110
      Smallest cut without cover plate [mm] 18 18 20 20 26 110

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