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Baumannperfecta loader BB and BB-P

Fully automatic lifting and separating of reams – work in full benefit without physical strain on the operator.
The loaders enable the rational, automatic de-stacking of reams, which are then fed to the high-speed cutters. Paper, cardboard, foils and printing plates can be picked up lengthwise or crosswise and via various unstacking methods.


Rear-table loading

Baumann loaders normally load the high-speed cutter via the rear-table. The destacked reams are transported (standard version from the right side) towards the cutter either by a pushing unit “BTE” or by a gripper transport system “BFS”.

Front-table loading

When front table loading is desired, the destacked ream is transported semi-automatically towards the cutter either by a pusher or manually by the operator (standard version from the right side).

Loader BB-P – Precision

Additional features compared to standard loader

  • Pile height 1800 mm
  • Including de-stacking system and ream relieving


The BB & BB-P loaders at a glance

  • Very high automation level
  • All relevant parameters can be adjusted to suit the product from the operator’s panel
  • Solid and precise construction
  • Automatic destacking of small formats is possible
  • Universal application
Options BB and BB-P
  • Reflex light barrier with separating wedge
  • Stacking height 1800 mm (already standard with BB-P)
  • Destacking by chips
  • Processing of two-ups
  • Pusher system in gripper arm or separately
  • Design as a transfer system
  • Safety devices
  •  Maintenance bolt to secure the table in upper end position
    Options BB-P
    • Loader prepared for calculating the number of sheets
    Technical Data
    BB 3 BB 5 BB 7 BB 3-P BB 7-P
    Format [mm] 770 x 1070 920 x 1300 1250 x 1650 770 x 1070 1250 x 1650
    Max. ream weight [kg] 150 150 300 150 300
    Ream Height [mm] 160 160 160 160 160
    Pile height [mm] 1400 1400 1400 1800 1800
    Pile height optional [mm] 1400 1400 1400

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